Pastor Brian Semrow

A few things to help you get to know Pastor Semrow.

--He's Midwestern through and through calling Wisconsin, Minnesota, and now Indiana home at various points in his life.  

--After attending a Lutheran elementary school and graduating from Luther Preparatory School (05), he attended Martin Luther College (09) in New Ulm, MN where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Languages. From there he continued his pastoral training at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (13) receiving his Master of Divinity.

-While at the Seminary, Brian spent a year as a vicar (intern) at St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church in Port Washington, WI.

-Prior to becoming pastor at Beautiful Savior, he served as an Associate Pastor focusing on Youth and Outreach at Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN. Communicating Jesus to preschoolers to elementary age children to high school teens in their unique periods of life has been one of his greater joys in ministry. It was also in Rochester, where he was able to work closely with hospital ministry, as Ascension served people at the Mayo Clinic. 

-He's an avid Wisconsin sports follower, enjoys singing and cooking, and above all else loves Jesus and sharing him with others.  

-He's looking forward to getting to know Fort Wayne, the communities surrounding Beautiful Savior, and you, personally, when you visit our church home. 

Church President--Jim Cotter

Sunday School Teacher--Laura McCall

Sunday School Teacher--Sarah Cotter

Teen Bible Class Teacher--Phil Hess

Head Elder--Rob Becker

Elder--Ken Hess

Elder--Tom Gisel

Treasurer--Todd Eigenschink

Discipleship--Jon Reder

Properties--Ned Gatchell

Outreach--John Conklin